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Doctor Consulting with Patient

A Telehealth visit is a video conference between the patient and the physician. It is a legal visit and becomes part of your medical record.

Patients have many options for care today. They can call their doctor's office for an appointment with the clinician who knows them best, but scheduling a convenient appointment can be difficult and time-consuming. The alternatives to Googling their symptoms or going to an Urgent Care center may be quicker, but the level of care will be variable at best, hardly an ideal choice for the health-conscious individual. The emergency room is always an option, but often an unpleasant, inconvenient, and potentially costly one.

Patients now have a telehealth visit option with Dr. Werzberger. To request a telehealth visit, kindly e-mail the office at info@modernmedicalmd.com, your reason for the visit, availability, and return cell number. The office will respond with full instructions and schedule your visit.

The Telehealth option will allow our patients access to the convenience of Telehealth while maintaining the "continuity of care" that has been the hallmark of quality primary care and internal medicine for centuries.

Our Telehealth visits allow for quicker appointments and minimize patient stress by skipping the waiting room and other necessary inconveniences that are unfortunately common to a typical office visit.

We offer the following Telehealth visits:

Common Complaints
Such as cough, urine or yeast infection, rash, allergies and sinus complaints, headache, back pain, sciatica, asthma, etc.

Refills And Referrals
Available for selected medicines and conditions.

Wellness care
For patients who require ongoing monitoring and rapid access to in-office care if they become symptomatic but who benefit from not having to physically come to the office every few months.

This includes patients with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma, obesity, anxiety, and depression.