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Primary Care

Primary care is about the long term therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient.
The cornerstone of the primary care experience is the annual physical, which provides the physician with a complete review of the patient's systems as well as detailed information regarding past medical procedures, medications, and related allergies and relevant family history.
As part of the annual physical complaints are logged, charted, and discussed with the aim of diagnosing the root of each problem and for planning a customized plan of care for each concern

The patients' primary care physician should be the first call when something is amiss or when you have a question concerning your health.

At Modern Medical PLLC, a patient's call is initially reviewed by our registered nurse so that a timely appointment or appropriate recommendation can be made. In addition to diagnosing and treating the patient, Dr. Werzberger follows each patient's course of treatment and reviews consultation notes from specialists and the results of any diagnostic testing to make sure each patient is receiving the proper care.

A healthy doctor-patient relationship is based on a mutual meeting of expectations. We want to be there for you and help you maintain a healthy life and diagnose and correct any issues which may present themselves.

To better serve each patient's needs, Modern Medical offers three different primary care options: